Glastonbury Guest House


Hi, I have lived in Glastonbury for 8 years and I practice Bhakti Yoga

(love and devotional service to Radha Krishna).  

I am qualified to teach Hatha Yoga, I have a diploma in Reflexology and I am a Reiki Master

I have also studied Macrobiotic Wholefoods cooking with Jean Torne in London and cook pure vegan meals, which are also gluten, sugar, additive and preservative free.

I offer assistance to anyone wanting to move to a more natural healthy plant based diet, or wishing to shift onto sugar free, gluten free, diary free diet.  I have been vegan since 2010 and vegetarian before this for many years.  

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto hypo-thyroidism in 2006 (for which medication is prescribed for life).  I have managed on homeopathy and diet - its a struggle sometimes but i prefer to live as naturally as possible.